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Dynamic PHP Applications The Fast and Easy Way

The first thing you might want to do is visualize your directory structures. Fat-Free gives you total control over your Web site. Organize your folders in any way that pleases you. Decide where you want to store the following:

For security reasons, consider relocating the lib/ folder to a path that's not Web-accessible. If you decide to move this folder, just change the line in index.php containing require __DIR__.'lib/base.php'; The lib/ folder also contains framework plug-ins that extend F3's capabilities. You can change the default location of all plug-ins by moving the files to your desired subdirectory. Then, it's just a matter of pointing the PLUGINS global variable to the new location. You may delete the plug-ins that you don't need. You can always restore them later.

The IMPORTS global variable should point to the location of Fat-Free import files, code libraries, and PHP includes. On the other hand, F3 can autoload your OOP classes for you. Just add the path to the AUTOLOAD variable. The rest of the above-listed items do not require configuration of a framework global variable, so you may store them anywhere.


The distribution package contains a file named htaccess. It's saved that way in the archive because some ZIP extraction tools may not be configured to display hidden files like .htaccess. You should rename the file if you're using Apache.

When you're ready to write your F3-enabled site, you can start editing the rest of the code contained in the index.php file that displayed this Web page. Developing PHP applications will never be the same!

PHP Dependencies

Some framework features will not be available if PHP is not configured with the modules needed by your application.

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PHP Module Installed Required by

Need Help?

Technical support is available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fatfree/support. If you need live support, you can talk to the development team and the rest of the Fat-Free community via IRC. We're on the FreeNode #fatfree channel (chat.freenode.net).

The help file included in the distribution (lib/f3.chm) is at your disposal if you need to take a close look at the Fat-Free API. However, the online documentation at http://fatfree.sourceforge.net provides the latest and most comprehensive information about the framework.

Fair Licensing

If you intend to use this software for business or commercial gain: permissive and "closed-source" licensing terms are available. For academic and personal use, the PHP Fat-Free Framework and other files included in the distribution are subject to the terms of the GPL v3. You may not use the software, documentation, and samples except in compliance with the license.

Support F3

F3 is community-driven open-source software. Support the development of the Fat-Free Framework. Your contributions help keep this project alive.